Increased security with unified HSE training

Increased security with unified HSE trainingIncreased security with unified HSE training

May 4th is marked in the calendar at EB Kraftproduksjon. Their course HSE instructions and procedures for all stakeholders who will work on the company's operating, building and construction work is being delivered. Last week, they saw the course for the first time at Trainor.


Ensures unified HSE training

While visiting Trainor in Tønsberg the team from EB Kraftproduksjon got to see and discuss each part of the course. - Several of the representatives from EB have lead this type of training with their personnel. They all have different priorities and focus areas within HSE, that makes us as a team come up with a well thought out course that anyone could vouch for, says Tommy Lundekvam, Project Manager in Trainor. The strength is that the training is now being unified and common to all participants and is no longer dependent on individuals. The course is designed specially for EB Kraftproduksjon and Trainor have visited EBs-plant with a photographer so the course will be visually recognizable with EB's installations. - As the builder, it is important to document that everybody has received safety training, explains Department Manager of projects, Birger G. Holt. This documentation is taken care of with the delivery from Trainor.


Saving time is another reason why EB has chosen Trainor to create e-learning courses that include EB's internal HSE routines. Running HSE training for all new personnel continuously is time consuming. Now the power company has ensured that all personnel are prepared for the facility, and that they have the equipment and permits ready before they arrive. -This will also enhance efficiency for the Project Manager considerably, says Malm.

Delivering quality

EB Kraftproduksjon chose Trainor as a course provider in a bidding process earlier this year. Solid expertise and enthusiasm, and well thought out pedagogical structure were among the factors that were key to our decision. EB Kraftproduksjon commends Trainor for good cooperation and a thorough process. - We have a good relationship with Trainor and know what kind of quality they stand for. That's one reason why we have chosen Trainor again, says Økland.


Publisert 26/04-2016 13:10

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Tommy Lundekvam

Teamleader Projects / Sales - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS

Phone:    +47 908 68 560

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