Access to electrical installations

Increase safety for workers with access to high-voltage areas, thus minimizing risk to yourself and others in the proximity of high-voltages.

Teknisk informasjon

Kursnavn : Access to Electrical Installations (Norwegian)
Kursmanual : Digital
Type : E-læring
Varighet : 45 minutter
Språk: Norsk
Leverandør: Trainor


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Increase safety for personnel who have access to electrical installations to avoid exposing yourself or others to risk associated with proximity to low-voltage or high-voltage installations.


All persons with keys and independent access rights to areas where there are electrical hazards for the purpose of conducting visual inspections or other work in locked electrical installations.

Such personnel include those taking instrument readings, working with telecommunications, or carrying out snow clearance, cleaning and other maintenance tasks. The course is also relevant for personnel involved with such tasks as mowing grass, painting, repairs and other building maintenance inside locked low-voltage and high-voltage areas. It is also suitable for electrical engineers and other personnel with access rights to restricted areas where there may be electrical hazards.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

  • Risks associated with working in high-voltage areas
  • Risks associated with working in low-voltage areas
  • Responsibilities and planning
  • Safe behaviour in low-voltage and high-voltage installations
  • Access to low-voltage and high-voltage electrical installations
  • Documentation, security cards
  • Contingency planning

In addition to the course, practical training is required in the specific installation where work is conducted.

The course meets the official requirements for theoretical refresher courses as specified in FSE § 7.

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