Electrical inspections - commercial buildings

The course, Electrical inspections in commercial buildings, is based on the qualification requirements in the NEK 405-3 norm and may be taken as preparation for the NEK 405-3 exam.
49 07-08. des. 2021 GardermoenNorsk
5 01-02. feb. 2022 WebinarNorsk
10 08-09. mars 2022 WebinarNorsk
17 26-27. apr. 2022 WebinarNorsk
26 28-29. juni 2022 WebinarNorsk
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Teknisk informasjon

Kursnavn : Electrical inspections - commercial buildings
Kursmanual : Nei
Type : Klasserom
Kurslengde: 2 dager
Leverandør : Trainor
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On the last day of the course you may take the exam through Nemko or DNV. It is taken electronically so please bring your own computer. You will be charged an additional fee for the exam. Please decide in advance whether you intend to take the exam on the last day of the course, and whether you wish to become certified by DNV or Nemko. Please send prior notification if you have special needs (for example if you need extra time because of dyslexi).

You may bring any written aids you wish to the exam including manuals for FEB 88, FEB 91, FEL and any NEK 400 editions: 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014.

If you do not have the older versions of the regulations can you buy them on standard.no.

Rødboka http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=443919 FEB 88 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=443920 FEB 91 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=443921 NEK 400 1998 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=746000 NEK 400 2002 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=746001 NEK 400 2006 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=178400 NEK 400 2010 http://www.standard.no/no/Nettbutikk/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=428200

Before taking the course please follow the links below for information on the certification scheme in the individual companies. You will also find registration forms to complete and send to Nemko or DNV before starting the course.

Links NEMKO: http://www.nemko.com/certification/personnel-certification/sertifisering-av-elkontrollører-næringsbygg

DNV: https://www.dnvgl.no/services/elkontroll-naering-52223

NB: The exam will only be possible if at least 5 candidates register. You may also take the exam at some later date at your local public library. This must be arranged directly with Nemko or DNV.


Successful course participants will be able to document for employers that they have the required level of competence described in 405-3:2020 Inspection of electrical installations and equipment. The course also helps candidates prepare for the examination / certification 405-3.


Electrical engineers, advisory engineers, administrators og electricians.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene
  • Competence requirements for inspection bodies and personnel
  • NEK 405-3 Inspection of electrical installations and electrical equipment
  • requirements for personnel, the certification scheme and method
  • NEK 405-4 Inspection of electrical installations and electrical equipment
  • requirements for certified inspection bodies
  • Laws, regulations and norms applying to electrical installations from 1929 to the present day
  • Required electrical inspection as stipulated in applicable laws, regulations and norms.
  • Zero voltage reference level
  • Working

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