NEK 400:2022

Get to know the NEK 400 and be able to use the standard in your daily work with regard to the installation and maintenance of low-voltage electrical systems.
39 26-27. sep. 2023 JESSHEIMNorsk
45 07-08. nov. 2023 JESSHEIMNorsk
10 05-06. mars 2024 JESSHEIMNorsk
39 24-25. sep. 2024 JESSHEIMNorsk
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Teknisk informasjon

Kursnavn : NEK 400:2022
Kursmanual : Nei
Type : Klasserom
Kurslengde: 2 dager
Leverandør : Trainor


This course teaches participants how to apply the NEK 400:2022 to their daily work involving the installation and maintenance of electrical installations.


Skilled Electricians, automation technicians and engineers/administrators who are familiar with former versions of NEK 400.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

  • The relation between the regulations and the standard.
  • NEK 400:2022 – Electrical low voltage installations
  • The most important changes in NEK 400:2022
  • The structure of the norm
  • Most important definitions
  • Distribution systems IT, TT and TN
  • Protection from electric shocks
  • Protection from overcurrent
  • Dimensioning cables and protective devices
  • Documentation requirements
  • Earthing systems and protective conductors
  • Verification of a new installation with final testing and “5S”


The authorities (Directorate for Civil Protection and the Petroleum Safety Authority) require that competence is documented in the internal control system. Details of this requirement are given in FEK (Regulations for Electrical Enterprises, and Qualifications to Work on Electrical Installations and Electrical Equipment) and the Petroleum Safety Authority's HSE regulations.

The FEK regulations require that all personnel have updated skills and knowledge. This includes knowledge of all national regulations and norms that are relevant for the work they do.

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