Logg inn

for å få tilgang til dine kurs, sikkerhetskort og mye annet.

Logg inn

for å få tilgang til dine kurs, sikkerhetskort og mye annet.

Trainor graphic operating guidelines

The visual identity of Trainor — your guide to safety visuals.


The Trainor corporate logo is the most immediate representation of the company. It identifies who we are and must appear on all digital and printed communication produced. There is a lot of freedom in the placement of the logo, but it is a valuable corporate asset and must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms.

Main logo

The main logo should be used on either a white or dark colour background from Trainor’s colour palette.

Negative logo

The white version of the logo should be used on a profile red background or on photos.

Logo on photos

When using a logo on a photo, make sure to provide good contrast so that the logo becomes clear. Do not use the logo on a background that is too noisy. If a photo is not suitable as a background for the logo, you can use a graphic shape so that the logo is clear and visible.

Black logo

In some cases there will be a need for a logo in black, use this version when it is necessary.

Logo minimum space

To ensure a strong brand, it is important to keep a clean space around the logo. This isolates the logo from competing graphic elements and makes sure that the logo stands out clearly.

This clear zone is determined by the letter "t" of the chosen logo size. This minimum space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.

Logo minimum size

When increasing and decreasing the logo size, make sure to keep it in proportion.

Logo minimum size:
Width print: 15mm
Width screen: 80px

Logo usage

The main logo is the coloured version on a white background. For all purposes, use this logo when possible. The white version will be used on photos and Trainor red backgrounds.

The logo should be used like this:
Primary – coloured on white background.
White – red or photo background.

When the Trainor logo is placed on a photographic image, the image behind the logo must be bright or dark enough to provide contrast for the logo.

Logo don'ts

As a rough guide, always use the original logos. Do not be creative, change fonts or recreate. Incorrect use of the Trainor logo compromises its integrity and effectiveness.