Hot Works certification - e-learning and practical fire extinguish exercise

NEWS! Unique combination of e-learning and practical fire extinguish exercise. Sign up for a firefighting exercise and receive the e-learning course Warm Work Certification.

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Kursnavn : Hot Works certification - e-learning and practical fire extinguish exercise
Kursmanual : Nei
Type : Klasserom
Kurslengde: 5 timer
Leverandør : Trainor

Firesafe and Trainor are now launching a completely new offer for Hot Work certification that includes practical firefighting exercises. The course package contains e-learning course and practical firefighting exercise. It makes it easy to get complete heat working certificate. The duration of the e-learning course is 4 hours, and the firefighting exercise takes about 1 hour to complete.

Firesafe has 17 locations where you can take the required firefighting exercise.

In order to get the best possible benefit from the training, we recommend that the e-learning course is completed before the practical exercise. In order to be issued a certificate by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, the practical extinguish exercise must be completed within 3 months after passing the e-learning course. If the e-learning course is not completed before the firefighting exercise, the e-learning course can be completed afterwards.


The course will give the participant the necessary knowledge about how a fire can start and develop, measures that must be taken to be able to perform hot work in a safe way, and how to put out a fire if it still happens.


The course is for anyone who will perform hot work or be in the role of fire watch in an area where it is carried out hot work.

Hot work is work where you use tools that emit enough sparks or heat for a fire to occur. Examples of hot work are welding, cutting, grinding, angle grinding, soldering, roofing with an open flame or hot air tool and other use of open flames.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

Hot work certification, theory e-learning

  • The fire triangle
  • Dangers when using different types of tools
  • How heat dissipates
  • Use of gas in connection with hot work
  • How fire spreads and how it can be prevented
  • Risk assessment of work
  • Documentation
  • Measures to secure the workplace
  • How to put out a fire
  • Different types of extinguishing agents

Practical fire extinguish exercise

  • Firefighting methods
  • Different extinguishing agents and area of use
  • Extinguishing techniques

In order to be issued a certificate in hot work, it is required that the exam has been passed and that there is documentation that a practical firefighting exercise has been completed. The certificate is digital via the Norwegian Fire Protection Association's mobile app "Bvis".

The certificate is valid in the Nordic countries for five years before it must be renewed.

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