Disposal of residential buildings electrical installations - NEK 405-2-3

Contribute to a more thorough condition report of the electrical system when disposing of residential buildings. On our preparatory course, you get a theoretical review so that you are as well prepared as possible for the exam in NEK 405-2-3 Disposal of residential buildings.
15-16. jan. 2024
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15. jan. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
16. jan. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
18-19. mars 2024
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18. mars 2024 - 08:30:15:00
19. mars 2024 - 08:30:15:00
10-11. juni 2024
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10. juni 2024 - 08:30:15:00
11. juni 2024 - 08:30:15:00
12-13. sep. 2024
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12. sep. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
13. sep. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
11-12. nov. 2024
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11. nov. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
12. nov. 2024 - 08:30:15:00
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After the course, the participant should have the competence to provide high-quality condition reports with information necessary for a residential property purchase, in accordance with the standards' requirements, related to the electrical installation.


Inspectors, electricians, electrical inspectors in expert companies or the DLE (Distributor's Local Electrical Supervisory Authority), installers, and consulting engineers.

Kurset inneholder disse emnene

  • Review of NEK405-2-3: 2023 standard
  • Regulations related to the Sale of Real Property Act
  • Condition assessment according to NS3424 – evaluating the lifespan of the installation
  • Safety requirements in FEL (Norwegian Electricians' Regulations)
  • Regulatory changes from the previous NEK 400 to NEK400:2022
  • Report writing and documentation requirements
  • Learning about analysis levels 1 and 2 in standard 405-2-3
  • Burden of proof, scope, and the mandate for the inspection
  • Knowing how to reset to the reference level
  • New installations, expansions, and modifications
  • Assigning a TG grade and mandatory inspection points
  • CE-marked equipment vs. non-CE-marked equipment
  • Evaluating the capacities of the installation
  • Requirements for standardized pricing of improvements


You must adhere to the requirements for control agencies and controllers in the FEK (Norwegian Electrical Safety Regulations), and you must work in a company that is 405-4 company-certified, as per 405-2-3:2023 on pages 9 and 10, under sections 4.1 and 4.2.

FSE (Norwegian Electrical Safety) course within the last 12 months.

You do not need any other certifications such as 405-1, 405-2, or 405-3 certification beforehand to certify in 405-2-3:2023 Technical Condition Assessment of Electrical Installations in Residential Properties for Sale with competence requirements for control agencies and personnel.

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