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Questions in english
Expiry date for booking


I would like to ask if there is anay expiry date on booking FSE Indusrty course.

We need to book a couple of these certificates for our technician, but it is first in Juni they should on site in Norway.

Can I book this course now? Will they be available in Maj-Juni?

Thanks in advance.

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Questions in english
Australian electrician looking into working in Norway for a while

Hello dear forum. Australian sparky here. I'm considering moving to Norway. For a year or two by my current plans. But maybe permanent. What are the requirements in norway to be able to practice my craft there? Do I need to convert my aussie licence to a norwegian one?

I am a fully licenced electrician in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. With 15 years experience. Any courses you could recommend to get familiar with norwegian codes and regulations?

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Questions in english
NEK400 in english lang


04-05. Mar 2020 will be NEK400:2018 courses in Gardermoen. Language norwegian or english too?

Thank you

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Questions in english
Processing time


How long does it usually take between registering a new user/buying a course, to the new user receiving your Welcome email and access to the course?


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Questions in english

Hello:) Is there any way to get invoice for paid training. It is welcome by my company. Thank You for help !

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